Let's meet Juan Buti - Developer of the Pedagogic Music Box

Posted by Laetitia Oguey Engstrom on

      Juan Buti is a music teacher at the Montreux Music Conservatory in Switzerland. He is also a guitar player in "Le Hot Club Martinet" band.

      I met Juan in his house near my home town Lausanne in Switzerland. He lives with his wife and son, in an ancient school that they have been renovating for the past years. It is a beautiful house, with Juan's atelier and music room.

      The first time I saw the pedagogic music box "L'atelier des notes" I knew it was a very special object. The sound was very harmonious and also the object itself was well designed with quality wood. What I liked is that the music box was teaching babies and yound children the music intervals through a thoughtful selection of nursery rhymes.

      Here is the interview of Juan translated from French

      How did you happen to have the idea to create the pedagogic music box?

      I was looking without any success for a music box that would sound right for my son. Finding nothing satisfying I decided to create my own.

      What do you like the most by creating your music box?

      I hope it will have a positive impact on the listening capacity of future young adults.

      What was the best compliment you have ever received for your music box?

      A grand-mother bought my music box for her grand-child and she told me she was "amazed" by the sound and melody of it.

      How was your childhood in Uruguay?

      A warm and big family, sun, sea and very generous grand-parents.