About us

Between the Swiss Alps, Sweden and Los Angeles our international children are growing up.

My aim, when I became a mother was to raise smart and open minded kids, respectful to cultural diversity and in contact with the Nature.

Even if we live in a more urban environment, I want them to experiment a simple childhood for them to be children, free and wild sometimes.

This is possible through conscious parenting and conscious consuming.

Sometimes decisions are difficult to make considering the vast possibilities we have in buying food, clothes and toys for our children. Corporations are mostly opaque in this day and age and to be honest I lost trust in some of these big corporations.

Toys Made With Love has the intention of opening the discussion on how to become a conscious parent.

Through articles and interviews, we will learn together how to consume less, but with greater quality. What are the important criteria in selecting a toy or product? Is this toy essential for my child or not? Will she, he, lose interest after opening the package? Where was the toy made? What materials were used, are they safe for my child? Is the toy strong enough to survive one month with my careless kids? How can we recycle the product after its use?

Toys Made With Love will propose another way of consuming by:

  • opening the discussion about how we consume for our children

  • supporting local artists as well as toymakers around the world who make toys with an intention, soul and love.

  • discovering different cultures and different ways of playing with your children

  • sustainable gifts ideas for every age

Authenticity, kindness and simplicity will be the "maître mots" of everything we do for you.

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Lots of love,